Power Rating: 0.3 ~ 5.5 VA

In response to today’s low-power requirements, we offer miniature transformer model SPK003 and SPK004 with ratings of 0.3 VA and 0.5 VA. The entire power range of the SPK space limiting transformers is from 0.3 VA up to 5.5 VA. Please contact us for higher power ratings. All transformers are designed with a splitt-bobbin and are vacuum encapsulated for high insulation requirements and to meet the UL and VDE Class 2 transformer standards. Single primary single secondary components sold by ACI.

Understanding the Benefits of
Our Single Primary Single Secondary Transformers

Single Primary Single Secondary Transformers

The most basic form of a transfer of energy through multiple conductors is through single

primary and single secondary coils. We are proud to be the leading US distributor of Spitznagel GmbH’s space limiting series of single primary single secondary transformers.

Airtight Case for Maximum Performance

For over 25 years, our airtight, encapsulated transformers have proven to be superior in meeting customer requirements. Our small, yet powerful, encapsulated transformers provide you with:

  • Moisture Resistance
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance
  • Increased Heat Transfer
  • Enhanced Insulation System

This line of transformers incorporates a split bobbin design that us C-UL and VDE approved.

High Power Ratings & Sophisticated Design

At Advanced Components, our line of Single Primary Single Secondary is available in three different series models.

  1. Space Limited SPK
  2. Height Limited SPF
  3. Miniature Series

In each series, all our Single Primary Single Secondary transformers are encapsulated to ensure that you receive the benefits above. It is our mission to provide transformers that are built with the best, and most effective, materials.

Take a look at our SPK space limiting series of single primary, single secondary products by Spitznagel GmbH. Select the primary voltage, secondary voltage, no-load voltage, load mA and power rating VA and other specs to find the right product for your next project. We will send you a sample promptly and further information about how to place a full order.

 Single Primary Single Secondary Transformers Product List