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Our General Specifications

At Advanced Components, we want to ensure that you know the exact specs of every product in our catalogue. When browsing through our list of products, please keep in mind the Transformer General Specifications.

Transformer General Specifications

Primary Specifications

Single Primary, Single Secondary – A single configuration transformer with only one winding in the primary side. The winding can only accept one nominal voltage.

Single Primary, Dual Secondary – A single-phase transformers that has a dual configuration. It has a dual winding and can accept two nominal voltages. This configuration helps to reduce fault current levels.

Dual Primary, Dual Secondary – A single-phase transformers has dual windings in the primary side where each winding has a tap for accepting two nominal voltages.


UL Approval – Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is a worldwide American based company that is a not for profit, independent product safety and certification organization that has been testing products for more than a century.

VDE Approval – Founded in 1920, the VDE Testing & Certification Institute is a German-based company that holds accreditations from an international and national level. They tests for electromagnetic compatibility and safety in modern electrotechnical technologies.

CSA Approval – Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is one of the leading accredited international product testing and certification companies for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas and more.

Transformer General Specifications

Temperature Specs

  • Nominal Data – Room temperature. Also, with ambient temperature of 20°C
  • Power Ratings – UUnder nominal load conditions, keep at room temperature.
  • Temperature Rise – The temperature rise was calculated by the resistance formula used by UL as well as VDE.
  • Operating Temperatures – Operates from -40C up to 80C, unless otherwise specified.
  • Storage Temperatures – Store all models at -30C up to 120°C.
  • Dimensions – Dimensions are shown in mm.

HiPot Testing and Surge Testing

HiPot Tests are performed between windings of opposite polarities. We perform a 5,000 V RMS HiPot Test on our complete line of transformers. We can offer transformers that are HiPot tested up to 15,000 V RMS.

The Impulse Surge Test is a high voltage wave of up to 12,000 V RMS with a specified rise time and a specified duration that is applied to the primary winding of the transformer (see IEEE C62.41). It simulates surges caused by lightning or power-factor correction. We specialize in miniature transformers that meet these requirements.

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