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For more than 25 years, our encapsulated, or potted, transformers have proven so superior in meeting customer requirements that we no longer offer open-frame transformers.

linear power transformers

Single Primary, Single Secondary

Power Rating: 0.3 ~ 3.5 VA

At Advanced Components, we carry the SPK space limiting series in single primary, single secondary windings. Take a look at our product list here.

linear power transformers

Single Primary, Dual Secondary

Power Rating: 0.5 ~ 5.5 VA

We are proud to be the leading distributor of Spitznagel’s space limiting series with single primary, dual secondary windings. Take a look here.

linear power transformers

Dual Primary, Dual Secondary

Power Rating: 0.5 ~ 25 VA

Our dual primary, dual secondary transformers are both height limiting and space limiting and have international approvals VDE and UL.

linear power transformers

General Specification

We want to ensure that you know the exact specs of every product in our catalogue. Take a look at our general specifications to get a better look at our line of over 50 encapsulated transformers.


The Benefits of Our Encapsulated Transformers

Potted transformers are highly protected from environmental dangers. They provide:

Moisture Resistance – The potting compound guards the transformer in damp and humid environments, including wave soldering processes and wash rinses.

Mechanical Strength – The potting compound protects the wire and complete winding from accidental cutting, dirt entrapment, and other hazards, so potted transformers are perfectly suited for industrial environments

Shock and Vibration Resistance – The potting compound strengthens the grip of the pins, so the transformer requires no additional clamping on the PC board. All bobbins have up to 20 pin placement options. When applications require extreme shock and vibration resistance, we can add pins to further improve PC board adhesion.

Increased Heat Transfer – The potting compound conducts heat more efficiently than air in an open-frame transformer, which results in a higher power/volume ratio. In addition to these mechanical advantages, potted transformers offer an important electrical advantage over open-frame transformers.

Enhanced insulation – Our potting process is performed under vacuum, eliminating air gaps or pockets in the potting compound. Accordingly, testing agencies consider the potting compound an insulator. This reduces spacing requirements, resulting in smaller packages with better insulation.

High-Potential Testing & Surge Testing

We perform high-potential tests between windings of opposite polarities. We perform a 5,000-Vrms hipot test on all of our transformers, and offer transformers hipot-tested to 15,000 Vrms. The insulation between secondaries is tested at 1,500 Vrms.

Our Impulse Surge Test, which simulates surges caused by lightning or power-factor correction, consists of a high-voltage wave of up to 12,000 Vrms with a specified rise time and duration that is applied to the primary winding of the transformer (see IEEE C62.41). We specialize in miniature transformers that meet these requirements.