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Over our 30 years of producing and distributing small transformers to engineers all over the country, we have become a part of many associations. We are proud to be considered one of the leading transformer manufacturers and distributors of German-based company, Spitznagel GmbH. Take a look through some of the associations we have become a part of and some of the partnerships we have made over the years.


American National Standards Institute

ANSI is a non-profit, private institute that manages the development and creation of voluntary consensus standards for systems, services, products and personnel in the United States. We are currently one of the 125,000 companies and some of the 3.5 million professionals that work toward the standards and practices of ANSI.


The International Organization for Standardization

This organization is a worldwide standard-setting group of representatives from several parts of the world whose purpose is for international standardization of industrial, proprietary and commercial standards. There are currently 163 members that are split between member bodies, correspondent members and subscriber members that represent different population standards.


Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers

This institute is the world’s largest association of technical professionals. There are over 430,000 members that come together to make advancements of electrical, computer engineering, and information technology. The IEEE is located in New York City but is an international organization



Founded in 1894, this organization serves over 104 countries with safety consulting and certifications on new developments in technology. They provide certifications, validation, inspection, advising, auditing and training services to manufacturers and retailers in this industry. All of our products have been approved and recognized by this historical organization.


Association for Electrical, Electronic Information Technologies

VDE is one of the largest associations for technical and scientific testing. They are comprised of over 36,000 members that are dedicated to testing and approving technical devices to ensure safety and performance standards. They are located in Frankfurt but have offices throughout Germany. All of our products at Advanced Components are certified and approved by VDE.