Advance Components Industries

Durable and Reliable Encapsulated Transformers

Small but Powerful

Advanced Components Industries, Inc., a partially owned subsidiary of SPITZNAGEL GMBH, Germany, offers a full range of encapsulated linear power transformers with power ratings from 0.3 VA up to 45 VA. Thanks to our extensive inventory, we can respond quickly and be flexible to your needs.


Step Down Size, Step Up Performance

Save space and weight while achieving high performance and reliability with power transformers from Advanced Components Industries. We specialize in miniature, space-limiting and height-limiting transformers. And they’re all encapsulated to provide enhanced electrical insulation. So, for about the same cost of an open-frame transformer, you get a device that better resists moisture, shock and vibration, while offering improved heat transfer.

Benefits of Our Airtight, Encapsulated Transformers

For more than 25 years, our encapsulated, or potted, transformers have proved so superior in meeting customer requirements. Our transformers provide:

Moisture Resistant IconMoisture Resistance
Mechanical Strength IconMechanical Strength
Shock Restistant IconShock and Vibration Resistance
Heat Transfer IconIncreased Heat Transfer